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5 Foods That Help Fight Acne

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Many people suffering from acne connect these blemishes to the food that they eat. If dermatologists are surveyed, most of them would agree to the fact that an individuals diet has a considerable amount of effect to the skin. Food plays a huge role inĀ foods that help with nodular acnethe renewal process of the skin and the body as a whole. Nutrients and vitamins are constantly used by the skin to rebuild and also repair. Eating a balanced meal helps in the prevention of skin ailments such as acne; foods that have low fat content and are not processed are good for the skin. However foods such as meat and refined dairy that are hormone laden should be avoided. Junk foods and chocolate does not help in the fight against acne.

Foods that help fight acne includes:

1. Fruits and vegetables
Vitamin A that is found in fruits and vegetables help in regulating the cycle of the skin; thus there isn’t any acne causing oil or protein trapped.Such fruits and vegetables include yellow and orange melons,carrots,broccoli and spinach . However excess intake of vitamin A is toxic and it can cause nausea,jaundice,vomiting and loss of hair

2. Foods that are rich in zinc
Foods such as turkey,the Brazil nut,wheat-germ and also almonds are rich in zinc which helps in preventing and also fighting acne by bringing into existence a surrounding that is hostile to the acne’s bacteria. Furthermore zinc brings comfort to an irritated skin that is caused by an acne breakout. It has been proven that people who have acne have a lower zinc level than what is considered normal.

3.Vitamin C and E
Vitamin C and E contain antioxidants that help protect the skin from acne. They also have a soothing effects on an affected skin.The sources of vitamin C include oranges,grapefruit,tomatoes and papaya while the sources of vitamin E include sweet potatoes,olive oil,nuts,avocados and also sunflower seeds.

4.Selenium mineral
Foods that are rich in selenium mineral such as tuna,eggs,brown rice and salmon are effective in the fight against acne when they are combined with foods that are rich in vitamin C and E since selenium mineral also contains oxidizing agents.

5.Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
The omega-3 fatty acids restrain some molecules considered to bring about inflammation which later leads to problems of the skin. These acids also help in promoting a healthy skin thus able to prevent acne; and at the same time fight it when it occurs. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in sardines and other fish species which thrive in cool temperatures.



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Nodular, Cystic and Nodulocystic Acne

The Difference Between Nodular, Cystic and Nodulocystic Acne


All three forms of acne are often mistaken for one another and can also occur in unison. Below is a quick explanation of all three and their major differences.

Nodular acne- hard, solid, painful lumps underneath the skin

Cystic Acne – soft, fluid-filled, painful lumps that form under the skins surface

Nodulocysctic Acne- when both nodules and cysts are present


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Although all three are very similar forms of acne, their respective treatments can be very different. Because of the way the nodule and cyst form, they require a different plan of attack.

Nodules form deep within the skin layers. This is the beginning of the problem. Because the formation is so deep underneath the skin, topical creams and ointments have very little effect. Prevention is typically the best option when dealing with this form of acne. However, this is easier said then done.

After the nodule is formed, it will typically be pushed upwards by your skin. However, because it is form so deep the body is unable to do so. After time, the puss and liquid in the nodule will become hardened. Once hardened it is almost impossible to be removed or treat.

Cystic acne is a little different, but equally stubborn. A person is said to suffer from Cystic acne when fluid filled sacks form underneath the skin. Again, the body is unable to push the sacks to the top of the skin where they would “pop.” The inability to push the liquid out causes pain and leads to scaring. Treatment of cystic acne is also very difficult.